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FEA members are unique: they are educators spanning three continents; come from many backgrounds; and work hard to educate the children of military families. Meet a few of our amazing members.

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Danielle Rodriguez
Stuttgart Elementary School

“Currently, I am the FRS for Stuttgart Elementary School. I am proud to say that I have been an FEA member for over 20 years. 

“Being an FRS has helped strengthen my leadership qualities, increased my desire to serve, and my patience—but most of all, it has given me the push to be the voice and represent those who felt they were voiceless. 

“I have seen and been a recipient of the benefits FEA offers. There were times where I saw defeat in teachers due to debt letters or dire work situations, and FEA proved to be a valuable asset by helping to resolve these issues. My experience with FEA is very positive, and I appreciate the work and effort they put in for their members.” 

Frank Macias
Matthew C. Perry High School

“I am a math teacher and head football/baseball coach at Matthew C. Perry High School in Japan and have been a FEA member for 17 years.

“My membership experience with FEA has been a good one and I am very appreciative of the work of FEA leadership. My local union representative was extremely helpful in resolving an issue with RAT travel expenses due to COVID-19 guidelines. They were able to help me navigate the process, which I could have never done on my own.  

“I appreciate the support and security FEA provides to us as teachers in a federal program.”

Donna Smith
Heroes Elementary School

“I am a Kindergarten Assistant at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and have worked with DODEA since October 1989. I find working with students very rewarding. Knowing that I can help educate young minds every day has inspired me to obtain my degree in Elementary Education to better serve students in the military community. 

“My FEA membership experience has been exceptional. My association representatives are always willing to assist me when needed and have kept me well informed with issues concerning FEA, events, and benefits. I enjoy the newsletters and benefits updates as well.”

Grace Merkle
FEA Retired Member

“During my career I taught kindergarten through grade 4 at DoDEA elementary schools in Germany and Fort Bragg. Being a member of FEA has been a great plus for me, during both my career and retirement. It’s an organization that cares for and supports its members whenever the need arises. I’ve always believed being a member gave me a voice in helping our teachers achieve what they do best: teach.

The association represents the interests of all DoDEA educators and has fought to protect their many benefits, such as Living Quarters Allowance (LQA), moving costs, RAT travel, the right for educators’ children to attend DoDDS schools, and more. I was able to attend more than 25 NEA Representative Assemblies where we made a positive impact on education. Being a lifetime member has and is a privilege for me: I still receive NEA member benefits, have my voice heard, and can connect with other retired members around the world.”

Are you an FEA member who would like to be profiled? Let us know by emailing us a short quote about your role and experience as an FEA member.

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