FEA exists to protect the rights and benefits of DoDEA employees to the maximum extent of the law and to promote a high quality learning environment that benefits our members and their students. Your mission is to educate and support children in federal schools around the world. Our mission is to support you in that cause.

FEA works hard to support you in numerous ways, including:

Collective Bargaining

Bargaining and working to enforce negotiated agreements


Providing a voice for employees to make sure your issues and concerns are heard

Legal Support

Protecting members’ rights and benefits as federal employees

Liability Insurance

Through our affiliation with NEA, providing members with liability protections under the Educator Employment Liability (EEL) program in case certain legal action is taken against them

Professional Development

Promoting professional development opportunities to help members further their careers


Providing access to grant opportunities available through NEA and its affiliated organizations

Human and Civil Rights Program

Advocating for racial and social justice for our members and their students


Working to safeguard members’ retirement and promote issues affecting retirees

Education Support Professionals 

Providing training opportunities and support for ESP members

NEA Member Benefits

Offering insurance, loans, discounts and a variety of other programs to help members


If you have a question about any of FEA’s member benefits, please contact fea@feaonline.org.

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