Through our affiliation with the National Education Association, all FEA members receive certain liability protections under NEA’s Educator Employment Liability (EEL) program, in case employment-related civil or criminal action is taken against them.

EEL insurance is designed to provide association members—whether classroom teachers or support professionals—assistance in certain civil or criminal legal proceedings  that may arise out of their educational employment activities or duties.

EEL insurance is provided automatically to members at no extra cost.

You can learn more on NEA’s page on EEL.


Educators Employment Liability Program: What to do if an Incident Occurs


Contacting your UniServ Representative is the first and most immediate step you should take. Find your FEA Uniserv Representative in our directory.

You should contact them immediately if you:

  • Are involved in an incident/occurrence during a school/educational unit activity that results in a student injury requiring medical attention;
  • Receive a letter from an attorney regarding an incident/occurrence or a service of summons for a lawsuit;
  • Are involved in any situation where you believe you may be sued for something that happened while you were performing your job.


Do not contact an attorney to represent you before contacting your local association. Your association will brief you on the procedures to follow under the EEL Program.

Your local association will notify the State Coordinator to verify your membership at the date of the occurrence and submit the claim to the insurance company. All actual determinations of coverage are made by the insurance company based on the specific facts of the incident/occurrence that gave rise to the claim or proceeding. Like all insurance policies, the EEL policy provides specific definitions and criteria for coverage which must be met.


Visit NEA’s Educator Employment Liability Insurance page for more information on this program.

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