FEA is organized into three geographic areas: Europe, Stateside, and Pacific. Each Area has one FEA Area Director to coordinate efforts on behalf of FEA Members. In addition, each Area has its own local organizations and affiliates connected to FEA. These “locals” are the backbone of FEA and serve as the primary contact for most FEA members.

Structure and Leadership

Country Presidents (in the Pacific), Division Representatives (in Europe), and Local Presidents (Stateside, including Guam), elected by FEA members in their respective regions, coordinate services to members within a specific military installation or region.

FRS’s (Faculty Representative Spokespeople) and Local Association Presidents serve as the most direct contact for FEA members within a specific school or installation. Information on who fills this role at your school should be available in your faculty lounge.

Lastly, each FEA Area is serviced by one or more UniServ Attorneys. These attorneys report directly to their respective FEA Area Directors and provide our members with legal services — making sure your rights are always protected.

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