Mission Statement

“NEA Human and Civil Rights advocates for social justice, equity, and equal access for education employees and students by developing and implementing programs and services that improve the effectiveness of public education and ensure a great public school for every child.”

FEA educators and their students come from diverse backgrounds and live and in diverse communities around the world.

Our association is at its strongest when our members share, respect and are inclusive of the multitude of viewpoints and experiences of each of our educators and the students they serve.

The FEA HCR (Human and Civil Rights) Program offers resources to encourage diversity regardless of age, culture, race, gender or sexual identity. Our HCR Coordinators lead these efforts and provide resources and training for our members.

We encourage members to engage with the HCR programs at all levels of FEA and NEA by participating in events, applying to serve in HCR positions, and helping the HCRs to promote and build their efforts.

FEA has at least one HCR Coordinator for every area around the world in which our members work. To find your FEA HCR Coordinator, click here.

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