FEA Annual Meeting

The FEA Annual Membership Meeting is held each summer in conjunction with the NEA Representative Assembly. The FEA Annual Membership Meeting is an opportunity for FEA members to question and hear directly from the FEA Board of Directors and staff members about issues affecting our association.

FEA members elected to attend the NEA RA as delegates are also required to attend the FEA Annual Membership meeting, although any active or retired FEA member is also welcome to attend the FEA meeting.

The next FEA Annual Membership Meeting will be held July 1 and 2, 2024, at The Element hotel in Philadelphia. FEA members are not required to register in advance to attend the FEA Annual Meeting but those planning to attend are asked to email fea@feaonline.org to let us know, so we can plan for adequate seating arrangements.

More information on the NEA RA can be found at ra.nea.org or send your questions to fea@feaonline.org.

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