NEA Representative Assembly

The NEA Representative Assembly is NEA’s annual meeting. All NEA state affiliates, including FEA, elect delegates to attend the meeting on behalf of their memberships. The delegates meet for several  days as a deliberating body — the largest such democratically-elected body in the world, incidentally — to set policies that will govern NEA.

FEA members elected to attend the NEA RA as delegates are also required to attend the FEA Annual Membership meeting, although any active or retired FEA member is welcome to attend the FEA meeting.

Elections for delegates to the NEA RA are held by each FEA Area. For information on running, contact your Local President or FRS.

More information on the NEA RA can be found at or send your questions to

Check out our RA FAQs and information for Delegates to this year’s Representative Assembly.

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