The ability to negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements is among the most valuable services FEA provides its members.

Contract bargaining gives members an opportunity to solidify working conditions, benefits and protections that otherwise would be determined solely at the discretion of management.

Having an experienced team of labor law specialists ready to defend and enforce the terms of negotiated agreements assures workers have rights and a recourse for when those rights are violated.

How It Works

FEA works always to secure the best possible working and learning conditions for its members and their students and to solidify those gains in the form of negotiated agreements.

FEA bargains the negotiated agreement for the Overseas bargaining unit.

FEA’s Stateside Region negotiates the agreements for the certified and classified units in DoDEA’s Stateside schools.

To view the current contract for your bargaining unit, click below (member login required):


A few of FEA’s greatest bargaining victories:

  • After achieving recognition in 1996 for all Stateside (formerly Section 6) locals to be certified as a single, consolidated bargaining unit, FEA’s Stateside Region successfully negotiated the first Master Labor Agreement covering all Stateside certified locals in 1999. By the mid-2000s, a single contract covering all ESP locals would also be negotiated.
  • Adding pay lanes to the DODDS salary schedule for BA +15, BA +30, MA+15 and MA+30, as well as increasing the number of longevity steps and adding new schedules for positions such as counselors and psychologists.
  • Increased procedural rights against debt collections (these have become increasingly important over the years as pay problems have increased).
  • Improved procedures for grieving of adverse actions by management against employees.
  • Protecting members from unauthorized deduction of Social Security taxes from overseas allowances.
  • Retaining members’ rights to book their own travel.

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