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The information contained on this website provides our members with the details of Association litigation, agreements and legal notices that may impact on their pay, conditions of employment and other issues. However, this information may be subject to change if the laws and/or regulations that concern DoDEA educators are changed or modified. If you have questions concerning eligibility, coverage or content of any of the information on this website, please consult with your faculty representative, or your Uniserv before acting on this information.

DoDDS Salaries

Salaries for DoDDS employees are governed by the statutory formula in the U.S. Code. In 20 U.S.C., section 903 (c), titled “Rates of basic compensation,” it states:

“The Secretary of Defense shall fix the basic compensation for teachers and teaching positions in the Department of Defense at rates equal to the average of the range of rates of basic compensation for similar positions of a comparable level of duties and responsibilities in urban school jurisdictions in the United States of 100,000 or more population.”

Successful legal actions by FEA over the past several decades have resulted in the DoDDS salary schedule used today, as well as the retroactive pay DoDDS educators receive each spring to bring their salaries up to date.

For more information on how DoDDS salaries are computed, see this article from the September, 2003, FEA Journal.

View the most recent DoDDS Salary Schedules. 

DDESS Salaries

Stateside DoD educators won the right to collectively bargain their salaries as a result of FEA’s landmark legal victory in the 1990 Fort Stewart case.

Salaries for DDESS certified and classified employees are negotiated as part of their respective Master Labor Agreements (MLAs) between FEA’s Stateside Region and DDESS. 

While FEA maintains that the true Stateside salaries for certified employees should be higher, the current salaries that DDESS pays can be found here:


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