Meet our Members: Curtis White, ESP at Brewster Middle School

With over twenty years in DoDEA schools, Curtis White is a dedicated Education Support Professional (ESP) who fights for both his students and fellow ESPs.

Curtis remembers dreaming of being an educator when he was a child:

“I often observed my teachers. I watched how my elementary school and middle school teachers guided us. I wanted to do the same to future generations and dreamt of one day working in education. At home I would play school with my siblings (I would be the teacher). One day I woke up and said this is the day to start my education journey.”

Curtis joined DoDEA in 2000 as a paraprofessional. He now works with six graders at Brewster Middle School on Camp Lejeune, NC. He has served in many roles during his time with FEA: both President and Vice President of the Lejeune Education Support Association President, as well as Faculty Representative Spokesperson (FRS)/Building Rep. 

“I was inspired to join FEA/FEA-SR because of the leadership and guidance and support they showed their members, especially ESP’s. As I started my career I also noticed that we lacked men in education, especially African American men. By serving in a leadership role with my local FEA association, I thought I could bring a more diverse perspective.”