Educator Makes Students Lifelong Learners with Impactful Lessons

  Educators are constantly challenged to teach students in ways they find memorable and engaging. In an age of digital distraction and periodic remote learning, this task is even more difficult. However, one DoDEA educator and FEA member in Japan, Jami LeFebre, looks for any opportunity to make lessons more interactive and memorable for her… Read More

Retired Member Norma Sanders: A Career of Fighting for Others

  FEA members dedicate their careers to educating the children of military families around the world, but often don’t have their stories told. During her forty-two years as an educator, FEA-Retired member Norma J. Sanders taught multiple grade levels in multiple states and countries, served in many FEA leadership roles, and helped unionize Stateside schools.… Read More

Educators Help DoDEA Students Create National Christmas Tree Display Ornaments for First Time

The National Christmas Tree outside the White House has long been surrounded by smaller trees decorated with ornaments created by students from U.S. states and territories. Last December, DoDEA schools finally had their own tree, and its students, with the help of educators, were able to design ornaments celebrating the places around the world they… Read More


On Monday, November 22nd, FEA leaders and members attended an early Thanksgiving meal at Fort Bragg hosted by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The First Lady, who specifically asked for DoDEA educators to be invited, noted that they are part of the military community and thanked DoDEA educators for all they do.… Read More

DOL Bulletin Covers Injuries to Feds from COVID Vaccine Mandate

  The Department of Labor recently issued FECA bulletin 22-01 with a subject line of "Coverage for Injuries Resulting from the COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate for Federal Employees." FECA, the Federal Employees' Compensation Act, covers injuries that occur in the performance of duty. The full FECA bulletin can be read here.… Read More


November 24, 2020 FEA and DoDEA recently completed 30 days of renegotiations on a successor Overseas contract but the two sides remain at impasse on a number of issues, including DoDEA's efforts to lengthen the duty day. The FEA members who comprise our bargaining team again did a fantastic job articulating the priorities and concerns… Read More


October 15, 2020 FEA Active Members in Europe, Cuba and the Pacific are reminded to vote on whether to approve or reject DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement for the FEA Overseas bargaining unit. An email containing a link to the official ballot has was sent to Active members in FEA's Overseas bargaining unit earlier this week. Use… Read More