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Area Director Election Results

The following individuals have been elected by their fellow members to represent them on the FEA Board of Directors in the offices indicated:

Europe South Area Director -- ALEX VETO
Europe North Area Director -- LISA ALI
Pacific Area Director -- RANDAL RICKS

The election tally can be viewed in PDF format by going to
this link.

Congratulations to the winners and to all those who ran for office in this year's elections; your willingness to stand up and serve your fellow members is admirable.

FEA To FIle Lawsuit Over DoDDS Salary Freeze

Posted April 17, 2014

FEA and DODDS have very different opinions about the legality of the salary freeze DODDS employees have had imposed upon them since their pay was last increased in School Year 2010-2011. DODDS believes the salary freeze is not only applicable to FEA DODDS members, but also that it should not expire until School Year 2014-2015 salaries are calculated a year from now. This means, in DODDS's view, that FEA DODDS members would not see an increase in pay until spring 2015, when they would receive the normal retroactive pay adjustment for SY 14-15. DODDS's opinion is that most federal civilians had their pay frozen for three years (from January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2013), so DODDS salaries should be frozen for the same three-year period, despite the fact that the law freezing salaries expired on January 1 of this year.

FEA has conducted legal research into this issue and believes the salary freeze was never applicable to our DODDS members in the first place. In the coming weeks, FEA will file a lawsuit seeking back pay and interest for all FEA overseas members who have had their salaries frozen the past few years. The lawsuit will further argue that, even if the freeze had been applicable to FEA DODDS members, it should have expired for them no later than January 1, 2014.

FEA will seek to expedite this lawsuit in order to make our DODDS members whole as quickly as possible.

Excessed Placements Continue

The Excessed Placement Program continues. The district placement phase for all the districts has been conducted. The Europe Area Placement Phase began Tuesday (April 15) afternoon.

Get details about the 2013-2014 DODDS Excessed Placement Program and VERA/VSIP offering at FEA's Information Page.

Latest update posted: April 16, 2014

National Teacher Day Is May 6

FEA has posted a sample story/press release about National Teacher Day that our local associations can customize and send to the media. Download the story in Word format here.

#February 2014 FEA Journal
February FEA Journal Now Online

Information on the candidates and voting procedures for this spring's election of FEA Area Directors.
Read the February FEA Journal in PDF format

Information on DoDDS Pay Lane Case

As a result of FEA legal action, an arbitrator recently ruled that DoDDS has for years been granting inadequate credit to many employees in the MA+15 and MA+30 lanes of the DoDDS salary schedule. This means many current and former DoDDS employees (including retirees and those now working in DDESS) may qualify for backpay and interest. Learn more about the case, including whether you qualify and how to file your claim with FEA, by viewing our legal update.

Urgent update posted October 10, 2013. Be sure to read and follow its directions if you think you may be covered by this case.

Click here for the update

BAS Illegally Implemented by DODDS

On September 12, 2013, DODEA/DODDS unilaterally implemented the costly and time-consuming BAS reading assessment, ignoring its obligation to bargain the issue with FEA.

Visit FEA's BAS Information Page, where you can read the Legal Update we've put out on this issue, telling affected educators what they need to do and how FEA is responding to DODDS's illegal action.

A sample form for logging your BAS activity time is now available on this page.

OPM Info About Same-Sex Benefits

Watch the video presentation from the Office of Personnel Management explaining coverage of same-sex spouses under federal benefits programs.

Teaching Channel: Videos that Inspire Teaching

The Teaching Channel website offers a growing library of short videos to inspire K-12 teaching. These video lessons - in English language arts, math, science, and history/social sciences - include lesson objectives, questions to consider, homework ideas, and more.

Free registration provides access to:

See the Welcome to Teaching Channel video.

Updates for our Members

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RA 2014 in Denver

Learn about the FEA and NEA Annual Meetings taking place this summer in Denver. Go to FEA's RA Information page.