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American Education Week Nov 13-19, 2016

Find information about American Education Week, including ideas for how you can celebrate and a sample release you can send to local media about your celebration at FEA's American Education Week page.

NEA President Highlights FEA

FEA and our incredible members were recently the subject of a blog post by NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia. Click here to read Lily's article. Do so only while off government time and property, using your own computer and personal e-mail and do not forward anything from the blog to another member's or government employee's work e-mail address.

FEA Area Director Elections

During school year 2016-2017, FEA members will elect the following officers to represent them on the FEA Board of Directors:
  • FEA Director for DDESS

  • Pacific Area Director

  • Europe Area Director

Any Active Member of FEA may nominate themselves or another Active Member, provided that member meets the qualifications for office.

To learn more and/or make a nomination, go to the FEA Election page.

Nominations must be received by October 14, 2016.

Hatch Act Information

Visit this page to learn more about the Hatch Act and find examples of activities allowed and prohibited under the law.
Hatch Act Do's and Don'ts

FEA Members With Military Spouses: Let Us Know if Your LQA Has Been Reduced

If you are an FEA bargaining unit member who is entitled to his/her own LQA, is married to a military member, and has had your LQA reduced because your spouse receives a housing allowance, please let FEA know by contacting us at Such a reduction is a violation of FEA's negotiated agreement with DODDS (Article 49, Section 2).

FEA HCR Newsletter and other HCR Info

View the latest issue of The Advocate, the monthly newsletter of FEA's Human and Civil Rights Program, and find other resources by clicking here.


IMPORTANT -- Do not view, download or forward this information while on government time or while using government equipment. Also, do not forward this information to or from any government email account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail. If you choose to write to Congress, do so only while using your own (not government owned) computer, in your own home, while not on government time.

FEA members are encouraged to use our sample language to write your elected representatives, calling upon them to find a solution to the unreasonable hikes in LTC insurance recently announced. Click here for more info (but only do so while off duty, off government property, and not using a government computer)

#August 2016 FEA Journal
August FEA Journal Now Online

Contract negotiations, Area Director Nominations, looking back at the past 20 years of FEA, and more.
Read the August FEA Journal in PDF format

FEA Social Media

FEA members (and anyone else) can now follow FEA on Facebook and Twitter. We remind members these are public forums and should not be used to solicit or share legal advice. Members should always begin the process of seeking legal advice and services by contacting their local association representative and not share or reveal any personal information, particularly information pertaining to legal situations, on any public forum or social media site.

As always, we encourage our members to use these resources courteously and professionally.

Follow FEA on Twitter (#fededassoc)

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And, yes, we do know it has taken a LONG time to make this happen.


IMPORTANT -- Do not download or forward this information while on government time or while using government equipment. Also, do not forward this information to any government email account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail.
Under guidance from the FEA Board of Directors, FEA Europe General Counsel/UniServ Bill Freeman has developed a letter writing campaign, aimed at bringing the numerous pay and collection issues DoDEA employees face to the attention of Congress and Pentagon leaders. Please use the link below to access information from Bill Freeman and share your stories/concerns with the decision makers suggested by Bill. Please avoid doing so, however, while on government property, while using government owned computer equipment, or while on government time.

Click here to learn more about writing decision makers in an effort to raise awareness of pay problems

Teaching Channel: Videos that Inspire Teaching

The Teaching Channel website offers a growing library of short videos to inspire K-12 teaching. These video lessons - in English language arts, math, science, and history/social sciences - include lesson objectives, questions to consider, homework ideas, and more.

Free registration provides access to:

See the Welcome to Teaching Channel video.

Updates for our Members

Read the FEA President's Report and sign up to have updates from FEA's Washington office sent directly to your e-mail (member login required).