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DODDS Retro Pay on LES

posted May 19, 2016
The retroactive pay adjustment due to DODDS employees as a result of FEA's victory in the March Case should be included on the LES for the current pay period. Please check your statement carefully to be sure you received the full amount due to you, based upon the school year 2015-2016 salary schedules that were recently finalized. See the DODDS salary item below on this page for more information.

Professional Development for Music Educators

Great news, Music Educators! Tired of waiting for management to fund professional development that was both teacher driven and subject specific, an FEA member applied for and was awarded a six-figure grant from the National Education Association (NEA) Center for Great Public Schools to do just that!

FEA will be partnering with the European Music Educators Association (EMEA) and music educators DoDEA wide to develop a viable and sustainable professional development plan for the implementation of the new National Core Arts Standards (NCAS) being adopted by DoDEA, working closely with an international consultant who will provide a combination of in-person and online instruction and guidance. Cohort members will be funded to attend conferences during SY 2016/2017 in exchange for completing collaborative cohort work by deadlines stated and continuing in teacher leadership roles in SY 2017/18.

Are you interested in becoming a cohort member? Please read additional information and fill out the form at this link by JUNE 1st, 2016 so we can communicate with you about next steps. Questions? Please contact Alina Rozanski at at this e-mail or this one.

New DODDS Salary Schedules Approved

posted April 20, 2016

VIEW THE SY 15-16 DODDS SALARY SCHEDULES HERE (member login required)

This week, representatives of FEA and DODDS met with officials from the DOD Wage and Salary Division to finalize the data used to compute the DODDS salary schedules for SY 15-16.

Here are the average rates of increase, across all steps and salary lanes, for each salary schedule FEA members are paid on:
Classroom teachers -- 2.2 percent average increase
Guidance Counselors -- 2.2 percent average increase
School Psychologists -- 2.7 percent average increase
Speech/Language Pathologists -- 2.3 percent average increase

Please keep in mind: those are the AVERAGE rates of increase for all steps and lane on each school. The rate of increase you will actually receive may be more or less, depending where you are on the scale.

Read more about the SY 15-16 DODDS Salary Schedules in the April 20 FEA President's Report.

#May 2016 FEA Journal
May FEA Journal Now Online

Results of the FEA At-Large officer elections, more on FEA's 60th anniversary, previewing the FEA/NEA annual meetings this summer, and more.
Read the May FEA Journal in PDF format

FEA Stateside Updates Members on DDESS RIFs

posted April 11, 2016

FEA's Stateside Region (FEA-SR) has posted an update to our DDESS members, updating them on the notice FEA-SR has received from management about the possibility of RIFs for DDESS schools. Read the full update from FEA-SR here

Above-School-Level RIFs

Concerned about management's March 31, 2016, memo about the possibility of above-school-level RIFs? Read FEA's update on the memo


updated March 25, 2016
The tally for the FEA At-Large officer elections just concluded.
Read the election tally report here, in PDF format
Here is the list of winners:

PRESIDENT -- Chuck McCarter




Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who ran and who voted in this year's election.

DODDS Members Begin Receiving Salary Freeze Retro Pay

posted March 23, 2016
If you are a DODDS employee, you should be seeing some extra money in your paycheck this week, due to successful legal action by FEA.
Learn more here.

FEA Annual Membership Meeting/NEA-RA

Learn more about the FEA Annual Membership Meeting and NEA Representative Assembly (NEA-RA), taking place this summer in Washington DC. Click here


IMPORTANT -- Do not download or forward this information while on government time or while using government equipment. Also, do not forward this information to any government email account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail.
Under guidance from the FEA Board of Directors, FEA Europe General Counsel/UniServ Bill Freeman has developed a letter writing campaign, aimed at bringing the numerous pay and collection issues DoDEA employees face to the attention of Congress and Pentagon leaders. Please use the link below to access information from Bill Freeman and share your stories/concerns with the decision makers suggested by Bill. Please avoid doing so, however, while on government property, while using government owned computer equipment, or while on government time.

Click here to learn more about writing decision makers in an effort to raise awareness of pay problems

OPM Launches Cybersecurity Verification Center

December 2, 2015

The Office of Personnel Management has created a verification center to help individuals who have had their personal information stolen in the recent data breaches against the federal government, or who are not yet sure whether they are victims.

According to information from OPM, this verification center will help those who believe their data may have been taken but have not received a notification letter from the government. The center will also assist individuals who have received a letter letting them know they were impacted by the background investigation records intrusion, but who have lost the PIN code that allows them to sign up for the free services that the Federal Government is providing.

The notification process is still underway. OPM is sending out about 800,000 notification letters each day and says they are on schedule to finish the mailing in the next two weeks. If you do not receive a letter by the middle of December, either the government could not identify a valid address for you after using both government and commercial data sources, or OPM's records indicated that your Social Security Number was not compromised in the intrusion.

Anyone who has not received a letter by the middle of December and who believes his or her data may have been taken is urged to reach out to the verification center so OPM can confirm your correct address and send you a letter. According to OPM, once you submit your information, you should receive a response in about two-to-four weeks.

You can access the online verification center through a link at OPM's cybersecurity resource center -- Or, you may call 866-408-4555 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., Eastern Time, to speak to an agent.

Teaching Channel: Videos that Inspire Teaching

The Teaching Channel website offers a growing library of short videos to inspire K-12 teaching. These video lessons - in English language arts, math, science, and history/social sciences - include lesson objectives, questions to consider, homework ideas, and more.

Free registration provides access to:

See the Welcome to Teaching Channel video.

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