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Stopovers in Conjunction with RAT Travel

posted June 3, 2016

The Association learned that on May 25, 2016, DoDDS management sent guidance to the field concerning return agreement travel (RAT) stating that DoDDS administration was to "advise employees that ‘layovers' or ‘stops enroute' are no longer authorized in the JTR for RAT."

The Association contacted DoDEA headquarters with a request for management to abide by Article 48, Section 5 of the Negotiated Agreement, which allows DoDDS educators in the Association's bargaining unit the option of "circuitous route travel" when they arrange their own travel. The Association also reminded DoDDS that it is well-established law that, when there is a conflict between the Negotiated Agreement and an agency regulation (such as the JTR), the Negotiated Agreement prevails.

Management responded on June 3, 2016 and confirmed that it will continue to honor Article 48, Section 5 of the Negotiated Agreement regarding circuitous travel (stopovers) in conjunction with RAT for DoDDS educators in the Association's bargaining unit. Thus, if DoDDS educators in the Association bargaining unit eligible for RAT choose the option of circuitous route travel under Article 48, Section 5, they will be responsible for making their own arrangements and must pay for all additional expenses above the "constructive cost," if any.

The Association reminds DoDDS educators who plan to exercise this option and arrange their own travel that the Fly America Act requirement to use U.S. flag carriers still applies. With this issue now resolved, the Association hopes that all of our bargaining unit educators enjoy a restful and well-earned vacation this summer.

DODDS Retro Pay on LES

posted May 19, 2016
The retroactive pay adjustment due to DODDS employees as a result of FEA's victory in the March Case should be included on the LES for the current pay period. Please check your statement carefully to be sure you received the full amount due to you, based upon the school year 2015-2016 salary schedules that were recently finalized. See the DODDS salary item below on this page for more information.

New DODDS Salary Schedules Approved

posted April 20, 2016

VIEW THE SY 15-16 DODDS SALARY SCHEDULES HERE (member login required)

This week, representatives of FEA and DODDS met with officials from the DOD Wage and Salary Division to finalize the data used to compute the DODDS salary schedules for SY 15-16.

Here are the average rates of increase, across all steps and salary lanes, for each salary schedule FEA members are paid on:
Classroom teachers -- 2.2 percent average increase
Guidance Counselors -- 2.2 percent average increase
School Psychologists -- 2.7 percent average increase
Speech/Language Pathologists -- 2.3 percent average increase

Please keep in mind: those are the AVERAGE rates of increase for all steps and lane on each school. The rate of increase you will actually receive may be more or less, depending where you are on the scale.

Read more about the SY 15-16 DODDS Salary Schedules in the April 20 FEA President's Report.

#May 2016 FEA Journal
May FEA Journal Now Online

Results of the FEA At-Large officer elections, more on FEA's 60th anniversary, previewing the FEA/NEA annual meetings this summer, and more.
Read the May FEA Journal in PDF format

FEA Stateside Updates Members on DDESS RIFs

posted April 11, 2016

FEA's Stateside Region (FEA-SR) has posted an update to our DDESS members, updating them on the notice FEA-SR has received from management about the possibility of RIFs for DDESS schools. Read the full update from FEA-SR here

DODDS Members Begin Receiving Salary Freeze Retro Pay

posted March 23, 2016
If you are a DODDS employee, you should be seeing some extra money in your paycheck this week, due to successful legal action by FEA.
Learn more here.

FEA Annual Membership Meeting/NEA-RA

Learn more about the FEA Annual Membership Meeting and NEA Representative Assembly (NEA-RA), taking place this summer in Washington DC. Click here


IMPORTANT -- Do not download or forward this information while on government time or while using government equipment. Also, do not forward this information to any government email account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail.
Under guidance from the FEA Board of Directors, FEA Europe General Counsel/UniServ Bill Freeman has developed a letter writing campaign, aimed at bringing the numerous pay and collection issues DoDEA employees face to the attention of Congress and Pentagon leaders. Please use the link below to access information from Bill Freeman and share your stories/concerns with the decision makers suggested by Bill. Please avoid doing so, however, while on government property, while using government owned computer equipment, or while on government time.

Click here to learn more about writing decision makers in an effort to raise awareness of pay problems

Teaching Channel: Videos that Inspire Teaching

The Teaching Channel website offers a growing library of short videos to inspire K-12 teaching. These video lessons - in English language arts, math, science, and history/social sciences - include lesson objectives, questions to consider, homework ideas, and more.

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