Your financial support is criticaland get your very own NEA backpack! Every year, the NEA works hard to fight for legislation that ensures quality education and support for educational employees, active and retired members. Our FEA members have been the leaders every year in giving sacrificially to the Fund for Children and Public Education, the main way NEA supports electing proeducation candidates. NEA continues to fight for political allies to:

repeal GPO/WEP,

provide a more realistic/fairway in determining cost of living raises for Social Security

ensure that educational employees are able to have fairly negotiated contracts

Please consider giving what you can. Giving is done at: Be sure to list “Federal Education Association” as your state affiliate, and list retiree” as your contributor type. (FEA has a limited number of “NEA Educators for Democracy” backpacks to be distributed to retired members who donate this summer (on a first comefirst served basis). To see this backpack visit: click on “NEA Educators for Democracy Back Pack.