Form Available for Logging Time Spent Performing BAS

To: FEA Leaders and Educators (For Immediate Distribution)
From: H.T. Nguyen, FEA Executive Director/ General Counsel
Re: SUPPLEMENT TO September 23, 2013 Legal Update- DoDEA Management Implements the Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) in DoDDS without Completing Bargaining with FEA

When I sent out the September 23, 2013 Legal Update on the BAS, I had included some instructions on how to “log” the time spent performing duties assigned during a BAS administration.

Based on those instructions, an FEA member created a form that educators in the FEA bargaining unit can use to “log” duties performed. The Log form is available here.

On behalf of the FEA, I appreciate the active participation by our members in this matter, as it is this kind of collaborative effort that makes FEA stronger.

Once more, I would ask all DoDDS educators in the FEA bargaining unit who are performing duties in any BAS administration to please use the log form at the link above, and follow the instructions in Section V of the original September 23, 2013 Legal Update, which is available here.