I hope everyone had a restful Spring break and is feeling refreshed to close out School Year 2018-2019 successfully, despite recent challenges to our profession. I am proud to be among you, those who consistently expertly teach and guide our students to grade promotion year after year.

We have been embroiled in tumultuous times, but, as the professional educators we are, we persevere and continue to provide our military-connected students with an exemplary education. We’re facing additional taxes (if you are moving or have moved), new standards and curriculum materials and the bargaining of our new contract negotiations, to name just a few of the current challenges. In the Pacific, we have tried to soften the blow of these many changes to the best of our abilities. We are here for members with any questions or concerns.

Please continue to inform us of the challenges in your schools so that we can address the issues and work to make things right/continue to fight for the best educators in the world.

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