Sharon Manuel, FEA’s New Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer

The FEA Board of Directors has appointed FEA member Sharon Manuel as FEA’s new Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer. Congratulations to Ms. Manuel on this new leadership role.

The position opened after the previous VP-Secretary-Treasurer Anita Lang was elected FEA Europe Area Director and recently stepped into that role. FEA solicited names for the open position and received many strong applications. After careful consideration, the Board was proud to select Manuel, who will serve out the length of Lang’s term which ends in 2025.

Ms. Manuel is a mathematics teacher at Osan Middle School in Korea. She has been a DoDEA employee since 2002 and FEA member for 19 years, during which she has served as the FRS at Osan Middle School (2011-2017) and TEAK President (2017-present). She spoke on her motivation for serving in this role:

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion is my passion. I believe that by advocating diversity, equity, and inclusion, I can make a fundamental difference. I can do my part to positively change the world. Through this leadership opportunity, I believe I can increase my knowledge and understanding of FEA: a worthy organization that shares my passion. Through FEA leadership, I can make this world a better place for teachers; I can make a real difference, and hopefully, help change the world…one teacher and student at a time.”

Ms. Manuel also spoke about what she hopes to pursue in this position:

FEA must focus on building and maintaining coalitions at the local, grassroots level. FEA needs to help build teams at each school, link those teams to other schools, and create a family environment glued together by an undeniable and universal truth: What is good for teachers is good for students. Building local coalitions must be an FEA priority.”

The FEA Board of Directors is proud to welcome Sharon Manuel to this new leadership role. We look forward to Manuel’s contributions in helping FEA support and represent DoDEA educators.