Terry’s Update

23 September, 2020

1. September HCR Advocate
2. Cultural Humility Online Course Offering
3. S&S Article on Taxation in Germany
4. RAT Travel Reimbursement Info
5. Overseas Pay Problems
6. FEA Europe Leadership
7. TSP Loan info
8. LES Check up
9. Mark Your Calendar
10. NEA Information

1. September 2020 FEA Advocate — This issue of the HCR Advocate comes from our global HCR Ms. Alina Rozanski. This issue contains a reminder of our HCR program purpose and the updated HCR-FR and School-Level HCRC responsibilities, introducing our Equity Leaders program, how HCR is working to connect with DoDEA’s REDI Initiative, and contact information for HCR advocates. Read the HCR newsletter here.

2. Cultural Humility Online Course Offering — This course offering comes from our Europe HCR Ms. Patricia Hannon.
Please complete the form available at this link NLT Oct. 15, 2020 if you are interested in participating in a Cultural Humility course online this winter. Credit can be offered. A minimum of 15 people must express interest by Oct 15 in order to offer the course, so please don’t hesitate and tell your friends!
POC: Patricia Hannon, HCRC-EU, FEA:

3. Taxation on military and Civilians in Germany — If you have not seen this, it reports what the government is doing about the German Government attempting to tax military and civilians in Germany. Read the Stars and Stripes article

4. RAT/ED Travel — The voucher for these should be uploaded in the Global Service Desk from the icon on your government computer. The most recent directions are attached. However, there is information from DTS that this email will also work for you. “Due to the internal process change for RAT/ED effective April, 2018, all RAT/ED travel related inquiries after this date will be forwarded to the HQ DTS Team email at .”

5. Overseas Pay Problems — This from the President’s report, posted September 3, 2020. As if DoDEA employees don’t have enough to worry about this year, Overseas members are reporting a variety of issues with pay and deductions. Read FEA’s update on the issue to learn about resources to help you track your pay and what to do if you spot a problem. The salary organizer can also be found at the link in the paragraph.

6. FEA Europe Leadership — The Division Representatives and other FEA leaders for Europe for SY 19-20 are:

  • Europe West, Anita Lang
  • Europe East 1, Will Buckley
  • Europe East 2, Stephen James
  • Patricia Hannon, Europe Area HCR Coordinator
  • Terry McClain, Europe Area Representative

7. TSP Loans – Many of us have had or have TSP Loans. One critical thing you must do at this time is to file the Notification to TSP of Non Pay Status, TSP Form 41. This is filed through your local payroll person. If this is not filed, then for those on the 21 pay plan the agency will be trying to take payment when there is no pay. This can cause a number of problems. When you return to pay status make sure also that you restart your payments. Access Form 41 here.

8. LES — With the first full paycheck of the school year having been on 11 September, for those on the 21 pay plan, and those on 26 pay plan things should be continuing as usual, please check your Leave and Earnings statement carefully. Some things to watch for: that you are being paid on the right step; that your SCD is correct; that you have the correct number of leave days to include the 10 credited this year, and that any allotments you have are still correct. Also, for those who have a TSP loan and who stopped their payments over the summer be sure that the Agency has restarted the payments. Failure to do so can cause problems with TSP at tax time. (Attached is the salary organizer for this year)

9. Mark Your Calendar-
September 25 — Native American Day
September 26 — National Good Neighbor Day, (Don’t forget to take care of your colleagues)
October 3 — German Reunification Day
October 12 — Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day/Canadian Thanksgiving

10. NEA Information — NEA is a great support for FEA and the members. On their website they always have information about how to help our stateside colleagues during natural disasters or crises. They also have an incredible amount of information to help with class preparation as well as many other ideas for teachers. I encourage you to check out their page and see what you may be able to use. Visit the NEA site

Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director