The 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores have been released, showing that while scores nationwide fell from 2019, scores for DoDEA students remained stable overall and even increased for 8th grade reading. These results are a clear indication of the hard work and resiliency of our students, the expertise of our educators, and the ability of students and educators to work together despite the challenges from COVID-19.

The NEAP is a congressionally mandated large-scale assessment given to our nation’s public schools, typically every two years, with grades 4 and 8 tested most often. While assessments are only part of the picture of a student’s learning, they can indicate a general understanding of subjects.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented immense challenges for both educators and students. Many schools across the country conducted learning online for months, and many students and educators became ill. These difficulties added to and exacerbated inequalities in funding and learning opportunities for many students nationwide, as reflected in the NAEP results. DoDEA educators and their students deserve the highest praise for overcoming the difficulties and distractions they’ve faced in recent years in order to maintain the educational excellence they have demonstrated for many years on the NAEP tests.

FEA released the following statement from President Brian Chance on your accomplishments:

“The past two years presented numerous challenges to education that has exacerbated inequalities in educational opportunities and resources. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores reflect these challenges, as many students have lost ground in recent years. But thanks to the incredible work of DoDEA educators and their students to adapt to changing conditions throughout COVID, our scores have remained stable and, in the case of 8th grade reading, actually increased.

“Congratulations to our amazing students and educators for this impressive accomplishment. DoDEA is fortunate to have outstanding educators who go above and beyond for their students every day. At a time when so many school systems are having difficulty holding onto quality educators, DoDEA should do all it can to retain our excellent teachers and staff. Our results on the NAEP and other accomplishments of our schools would not be possible without our dedicated staff, who are uniquely aware of the challenges faced by military dependents and their families.”