As more and more people become vaccinated, the desire to travel increases. Here are some helpful hints from TSA when flying:

  • You can carry onboard a 12-oz container of hand sanitizer. You need to declare this and it may take extra time to screen.
  • Packages and containers of anti-bacterial wipes can be taken on-board.
  • You can wear your mask during the screening process, but you may be asked to remove it to confirm your identity.
  • Expired drivers’ licenses may be used if it expired after March, 2020, and you have been unable to renew it due to DMV closures. (The use of REALID-compliant drivers’ licenses has been postponed again and will not be required until May 3, 2023.)
  • Place coins, keys, phones, etc. in your carry-on bag instead of the bin for safety.
  • Wash up after completing the TSA screening process.

Be sure to check with U. S. State Department if you are flying to other countries ( for their rules during the pandemic, and what you need to do to return to the U.S. CNN has outlined the travel procedures within the 50 U.S. States.