posted May 30, 2019

The following FEA members will serve as our bargaining team for a new Overseas contract:

  • Patricia Hannon, Hohenfels ES, Germany
  • Adele Collins, Kaiserslautern HS, Germany
  • Romy Kerstetter, Ansbach M/HS, Germany
  • Matt Binfield, Humphries Central ES, Korea
  • Teresa Snowden, Ryukyu MS, Okinawa

Alternates will be Robert Skully (Germany), Melanie Horton (Okinawa), Alina Rozanski (Germany) and Mike Adair (Japan).

DoDEA continues to insist upon bargaining during the summer break, in violation of the current negotiated agreement. That means these individuals will be unable to participate in face-to-face bargaining that begins June 17 but will participate in virtual bargaining once SY 19-20 gets underway Overseas. FEA has filed a grievance over management’s illegal actions.

Because DoDEA is unwilling to stagger virtual meeting times to accommodate the overseas participants, these individuals will frequently have to participate in bargaining sessions that go on during overnight hours.

The above bargaining team members are very enthusiastic about participating in the process and we are certain they will do an excellent job representing the concerns and interests of their fellow members in the bargaining process.

We are extremely grateful and lucky to have such dedicated members and FEA’s legal staff will work with our bargaining team to achieve the best possible contract — something made increasingly difficult in the present anti-worker environment within DoDEA as well as the federal agencies that are supposed to serve as neutral arbitrators.

Go to this page to read FEA’s proposals for a new contract and also to see the harmful proposals management has put forth.