It has been admirable to see all the ‘new’ work everyone is doing these days. As we all know there have been many challenges with this new way of teaching, and yet all are meeting it head on, with great lessons for all students! There have also been many things happening as well as questions daily, so I hope I can give you a few pieces of information that can help answer some questions you may have.

1. Retirement — IF you have recently put in your paperwork ( or not so recently ) for retirement, and are concerned about what next. FEA is working with management on this issue and I can report today, that after a conversation with Dr. McMullen, it is now in the hands of DoDEA HQ as well as FEA HQ to explore the options to ensure the best for teachers. All (management, military, and FEA) understand there could be issues with leaving in June, not to mention the simple fact of all people PCSing or ETSing around the same time when things do reopen. There should be an announcement soon as to the options, as well as directions for anyone that will retire.

2. Virtual Classroom/meets. — As we all know this has been a trying few days to get the virtual schooling together as well as in some cases keeping google meets with just our students in the meet. This issue has been discussed at length, and I can report all are working on this in order to help teachers have more control over the virtual learning places, as well as the ability to control what is happening in those places. There should be information about this very soon. We are hopeful that there will be choices for you in determining what works best for you. If one method is not working well for you now, reach out to your admin to explain, and find a way that can allow you to do what you do best.

3. Observations — While there are no formal evaluations happening during this virtual teaching, there will be frequent wellness checks by admin to ensure all faculty and staff are safe as well as healthy. During this time it is important to FEA that all members are healthy and safe.

We are attempting to get any and all information out to you as quickly as we can, but as you know, things change quickly these days. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone in FEA if there is a way we can support you during these difficult times.


Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director