News sources, and social media are unrelenting with updates and tragic stories regarding the impact of the Corona Virus. Around the Pacific, Districts and schools are preparing for the possible worsening of circumstances surrounding the spread of the virus in their area and the closing of schools. In Korea, schools have been closed to students for many days and most teachers have been assigned to work from home. Understandably, this has been the cause of much fear and uncertainty. Many of our members have contacted us and expressed concerns for the safety of their students, families and themselves.

Please know that we are aware of the developing situation and we are actively working with DoDEA management daily at every level to ensure that the provisions of the Pandemic Emergency Plan MOU that FEA President, Brian Chance, referred to in the “Presidents Report” (Link) are being implemented fully.

Check with your school’s Faculty Representative Spokesperson if you have any questions/concerns about what is going on…

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