1. FEA Europe Elections
2. Women’s History Month
3. NEA MLT/WLT Impressions
4. IRS Forms and Publications
5. Printable Posters for Women’s History Month
6. FRS/Local Elections
8. Mark Your Calendar

1. FEA Europe Elections–Ballots, envelopes, etc. are being sent to all FRSs/election chairs in Europe for the elections of NEA Representative Assembly Candidates. The dates for the Representative Assembly have changed to 30 June to 3 July and will be virtual, with the FEA annual meeting 28-29 June. Because of many schools that were in ROM the date for returning the ballots has also changed to 19 March, which means they need to be sent by at least the end of the second week of March. If for some reason your school representative does not receive these or you have not gotten one, please contact your FRS, or Bill Morgan, CMR 409 BOX153, APO AE 09053 or

2. Women’s History Month — This month, March, is Women’s History Month. Since 1910, March 8 has been observed as International Women’s Day by people around the world. Thus, March was chosen for National Women’s History Month in the United States. This link will provide you with many useful tools to celebrate this month. Click here

3. NEA MLT/WLT Training — Attendees of this year’s Minority and Women’s Leadership Training were Nadine Wiley-Moore of AFNorth and DiAnna Martinez of Vogelweh ES. While it was virtual, they attended at times that are not easy for European Teachers. Here are their accounts of the trainings. We hope you too will consider attending, applying, or asking your division representatives about any future training possibilities.

Nadine Wiley-Moore HCRC Europe West: As a Racial and Social Justice focused leadership training conference, this weekend was packed with information and activities designed to at once hone our ability to recognize and develop our personal goals for our participation in the association as well as the address the larger goals of the human and civil rights mission of the union. As the largest labor union in the country, the representation of stakeholders was as diverse as the field of education in all its facets–the fact that we had all converged to address goals and strategies that make public education work for all students in all communities gives me hope. The biggest take-away from just the first two evenings is the importance of relationship building. As teachers we know that it’s the student with whom you have a relationship where you’re bound to make a stronger impact, and of course this holds true throughout the building and for all other initiatives we might have. Beginning with our DoDEA Mission/Vision, but also–very importantly–reflecting on our own philosophies our won values and making note of where we can come together with some shared objective–for the good of our students’ abilities to participate in their democracy–that’s a goal to set.

DiAnna Martinez Europe HCRC East Division 1: I had the opportunity to participate in the 2021 NEA Minority/Women Leadership Training in January 2021. Despite the chaotic world we are living in, even a pandemic could not stop this training from happening. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the training but came away with the feeling that I knew much more than I had before participating. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties which stopped me from being able to participate in all the aspects of the training, but when my internet was working properly, I was able to participate in some fantastic sessions. The sessions were well presented and beneficial. One good aspect of the virtual experience was that we were able to attend the sessions of our choice and collaborate in small groups in breakout rooms during the session. While all the sessions I attended were engaging and informative, I have to admit, the Leadership Practices Inventory – LPI Part 1 was my favorite. They only thing that could have made it better is if we had been able to do part 2 (I am still curious what it entails). The reason I liked this session was that I found that many people were surprised by the outcome of their inventory. I think it could be beneficial for everyone in our school system to take this inventory as it could help people understand, not only themselves, but others and where their leadership strengths are. I think that knowing what strengths and weaknesses are, enables people to improve their skills. I definitely will be suggesting that this be included in future training at my school. I appreciate the opportunity to participate this year and would encourage anyone to participate in the future.

4. IRS Forms and Publications — As tax season approaches, this site has all of the forms and publications that you will need to complete your 2020 tax filing. Most can be done electronically. Also, be aware that most military installations offer tax services for civilians at no cost–check with the legal office on your base/post. IRS forms

5. Printable Posters for Women’s History Month — Here you can find printable posters for the upcoming Women’s History Month. Click here A great way of honoring historical women!

6. FRS Elections — It is getting close to the time many schools have elections for the faculty representative spokesperson. Generally, it is best to have this completed before a schedule for the next SY is in place, however not always possible. Attached to this update are the guidelines for having local elections for the school. Please understand these are ‘guidelines’ and that your local constitution and bylaws should be the authority. Should you have any questions or need anything please contact your Division Representative.

7. WTA/RITA — Some have asked about what the tax issues are from moves and/or retirement. Because of FEA there is not tax on moves, however, the RITA/WTA must be filled with your taxes when you file taxes. This likely does not apply to many this year but could be useful for anyone considering retiring this year. Here is a link to help understand the steps of what to do. WTA/RITA info

8. Mark Your Calendar-

March 1-31 — Women’s History Month
March 14 — Daylight Savings USA
March 14 — National PI Day
March 15 — Ides of March (first day of the Roman New Year)
March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day
March 26-April 4 — Spring Break
March 28 — Daylight Savings Europe

Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director