FEA was instrumental in helping Retired Member Thomas Goode recently receive credit for his previous graduate studies and the retroactive pay that should have come years earlier due to his delayed Academic Salary Lane change.

Mr. Goode, who retired in 2019, explained how FEA assisted:

“My case was about 15 graduate hours I had earned from another university prior to earning my Master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma. Over 9 years of both teaching and studying part-time, I went from BS +15 to +30 then to Masters. In 2018, I submitted an ASL change and Master Affidavit for Master’s credits I completed prior to acquiring the degree in 2009/10. I was told “it was not DODDS policy” to recognize the credits I had earned from my previous university before Oklahoma.

“I felt like my hard work in becoming a better educator was not being recognized, and there was nothing I could do about it. I must admit, I had all but given up. However, a couple years later I discovered I was not alone, as others educators had contested the policy with FEA assistance and been compensated for their graduate credits. Again, had it not been for the FEA making members aware of this, I would not have known about this possibility.

“FEA Uniserv Bill Freeman did an outstanding job to win the pay settlement for me, which amounted to over $30,000 after taxes. Although I retired in 2021, he kept in regular contact with me. He was always supportive and reassuring and worked diligently on my case. This would not have been possible without the support of the FEA and their Uniservs who fight for educators. Thank you.”

One of the many ways FEA fights for educators is working to ensure they are paid correctly. If you are experiencing pay problems, please reach out to your FRS so they can provide assistance and, if necessary, elevate the issue up the Association chain.