Special Update

May 9, 2019

ENI Early Notice Incentive — FEA-Stateside Region has been informed that HR is notifying bargaining unit members who applied for VERA/VSIP and ENI and did not receive an offer of VERA or VSIP that they must resign by June 30. The ENI interest form provided by the agency is not a resignation. Dr. Judy Minor stated no one should retire or resign until they have the full information on ENI. Dr. Minor stated employees have until June 30 to make any decision. FEA SR asked Dr. Minor to look into this situation because forced resignation was not the intent or purpose of the ENI. No employee can be forced to retire or resign if they only showed interest in ENI. If you find yourself in this situation please contact your local president.


Reassignments — Stateside educators are being reassigned in massive numbers this year. We have already received notice of over 70 reassignments. Open positions have not been posted as required by the MLA. FEA SR suspects that the agency has moved people out of competitive levels without following Article 23 on RIF. FEA SR will submit a Request for Information over the process used in determining VERA/VSIP offers and ENI. We will also seek information on how excess positions were determined and who the deciding official was on all offers of VERA/VSIP. After reviewing information FEA SR will determine what legal actions will be taken.