Terry’s Update

April 29, 2020

1. Coronavirus Info
2. 11th Payment
3. DoDDS Pay Raise
4. RAT Info Update
5. Taxes on Overseas Workers in Germany
6. Europe Schools Reopen Article
7. Mark Your Calendar

1. Coronavirus Info — As you all know DoD has authorized departure for anyone at risk. Please be aware there are parameters to the ‘Authorized Departures’ as it could affect your decision. The complete list of questions and answers from DoDEA can be under the “FAQ” tab on DoDEA’s Authorized Departures page, available here. This has now been updated to include the new questions as well as RAT and retirement info. Updated FAQ’s is also attached to this update.

DoDEA has indicated its COVID-19 Helpdesk is now a 24/7 operation. That helpdesk can be reached by phone at 703 438 1075 or email at covid19@dodea.edu. Should you have NOT received the guidance from your admin and wish to have it please contact your FRS or Division Representative.

2. 11th Payment — FEA Europe membership coordinator as well as FEA HQ has been working with DFAS to get the extra payment back to members. The repayment of the one overpayment should be back in either this LES or the next. Please check your LES throughout that time to ensure you receive it.

3. DoDDS Pay Raise — FEA and DoDEA, working with the DOD Civilian Personnel Advisory Service Wage and Salary Division, signed off on the retroactive Overseas salary schedules for SY 19-20 recently, meaning employees in Europe and the Pacific will soon be getting the annual retro pay adjustments FEA won for them.

The average percentages of increase in the 2019-2020 salary schedules (across all steps and all pay lanes) for each position in the Overseas bargaining unit are as follows:

Classroom teachers — 3.22 percent
Speech Pathologists — 3.10 percent
Guidance Counselors — 2.68 percent
School Psychologists — 3.05 percent

Please remember these are AVERAGE rates of increase across the entire pay schedule for each position; the actual pay increase for a specific pay lane and step may be higher or lower than this average. This was taken directly from an update sent by Gary Hritz, FEA Director of Communications, Meeting Planner, and Bookkeeper/Business manager.

This link will take you to the salary schedule with the new amounts.

4. RAT Info Update — I now have the TOPS orders, the DTS orders and the tickets purchased through SATO. Yes, purchased not just reserved. However, I did not purchase the tickets myself, but had SATO use the DTS orders to secure the tickets. Now, it does not look like I can even travel until the ban is lifted by the military. This is still being worked at the HQ level, however, attached is a FAQ sheet that does answer some questions about authorized departure, RAT, and retirees.

5. Taxes on Overseas Workers in Germany — Here is an article about German taxation of American workers in Germany, working for/with the military. This is an interesting read. Click here

6. Europe Schools Reopen? — Stars and Stripes article from Tuesday 28 April on Italian Schools and how it may relate to the rest of European DoDEA Schools. Read the story here

7. Mark Your Calendar
May 5 — Cinco de Mayo
May 7 — National Teacher’s Day (6-10) Teacher Appreciation Week)
May 8 — School Nurses Day
May 10 — Military Spouse Appreciation Day
May 12 — Mother’s Day

Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director