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There are many benefits of membership in FEA: communications, legal advice, professional development information — all of these are valuable and incredibly important in your career. But when you join FEA, you get much more: you gain access to the full range of Member Benefits programs NEA has prepared for all of its members.

What do those benefits include? For starters, every FEA/NEA member is automatically covered with $1 million in professional liability insurance. Your membership also makes you eligible for NEA’s Dues-Tab insurance program, which provides free life insurance to all members who register.

Want more? There’s plenty! NEA Member Benefits has dozens of insurance and financial programs you can take advantage of, to say nothing of numerous discounts, giveaways and online tools available exclusively to NEA members and their families. Whether it’s a college scholarship for your kids or a personal loan for yourself, NEA Member Benefits is there to help you.

To check out the complete range of Member Benefits programs available to you as an FEA/NEA member, go to

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