In a recent FEA win upholding the union right to information, DoDEA was found to have committed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) when it failed to provide information lawfully requested by FEA, resulting in the Agency being required to post a notice in schools about this violation.

According to legal statute, FEA and its members have a right to be provided certain information from DoDEA management, when the request meets specific criteria.

FEA had sent multiple requests to DoDEA for legal information regarding contract negotiations and arbitration. DoDEA refused to provide this lawfully requested information. After FEA elevated the issue, a Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) investigating attorney found DoDEA to have violated the relevant legal statute and to be liable for this ULP.

As a result, DoDEA was then ordered to provide the information to FEA (which they did) and is required to post a notice in schools that they violated the relevant statute and will not do so in the future.

Having access to crucial information from DoDEA keeps the Agency accountable to both taxpayers and its employees, while empowering FEA to represent educators in schools.

FRSs and Building Reps who experience difficulty obtaining information you have requested from DoDEA management should consult with your FEA UniServ attorney for assistance.