To: FEA Leaders and Educators (For Immediate Distribution)
From: H.T. Nguyen, FEA Executive Director/ General Counsel
Re: October 18, 2012 Legal Update- Revision of the DoD Instruction on Overseas Allowances and Shipment of 100 lbs. of Household Goods in Conjunction with RAT Travel- A Short Delay

As mentioned in FEA President Michael Priser’s October 15 update, our office has completed the Legal Updates on the status of two major issues affecting many members of the FEA bargaining unit. The first issue deals with the revision of DoD Instruction 1400.25, Subchapter 1250, concerning proposed changes to Living Quarters Allowances (LQA) in DoD. The second issue addresses the full reimbursement for the shipment of 100 pounds of household goods (HHG) in conjunction with RAT travel.

That said, the Association had a conversation today with DoDEA concerning both of these issues. In that conversation, the Association was told that we will be receiving DoDEA’s positions on both of these issues very shortly, as they are currently coordinating with the Pentagon. Therefore, our office has decided that rather than send out the completed Legal Updates without getting DoDEA’s position, it is best to wait until we receive DoDEA’s positions, revise the Legal Updates accordingly, and then send them out.

Thank you for your patience on these issues, as it should benefit everyone to have all of the relevant guidance and information in a single update, rather than members having to search for and through multiple updates.