October 7, 2020

FEA Active Members in Europe and the Pacific will vote next week on the harmful proposed contract put forth by DoDEA.

DoDEA is claiming negotiations over a successor contract for the Overseas bargaining unit are now completed and a tentative agreement is ready for signature.

FEA disagrees with DoDEA’s position that negotiations are complete. However, in order to make sure our Overseas members have an opportunity to express their opinion of the tentative agreement DoDEA is attempting to put in place, FEA will ask our Overseas members to vote next week on whether to accept or reject the agreement as put forth by management.

The exact schedule of the vote and other details are still being set and will be sent to Overseas members in the days ahead. Because the ground rules for bargaining that were imposed by the FSIP allow only 15 days for a contract vote to take place, Overseas members will be sent an electronic notice via their private email and will cast their votes electronically.

Voting notices will likely go out next Wednesday, October 14, or Thursday, October 15, and voting will be open at least through Sunday, October 18. More specific timelines and details will be sent to Overseas members in the days ahead.

FEA will post more information on what is in the contract version DoDEA seeks to put in place for the Overseas bargaining unit, as well as a more definitive timeline and process for voting on that contract proposal, in the days ahead. Please watch your email and the FEA Web site/social media for those announcements — and GET READY TO VOTE!

Members can also review past updates FEA has issued on the status of the Overseas contract negotiations by going to FEA’s Overseas Contract Info page.