Cuba Fact Sheet Added

posted December 21, 2017
A fact sheet on transfers to W.T. Sampson Elementary/High School in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been added to the DoDEA HR Information page and to the Transfer Resources list at the bottom of FEA's Transfer Information Page.

Transfer Applicants By Group

posted December 20, 2017
Below is a breakdown of the numbers of transfer applications submitted by the December 15 deadline.
Group A+ - 266 applicants

Group A - 76 applicants

Group B - 52 applicants

Group C - 38 applicants

Group D - 71 applicants

Group F - 203 applicants

Total applicants - 706


The vacancy list for the SY 18-19 transfer program has been posted by DoDEA. Click here for the list (see link near the bottom of the page for the most recent version of the vacancy list).

Trouble Submitting/Amending Transfer Applications?

posted December 14, 2017

FEA has heard from several members who have had trouble submitting or amending their applications for the SY 18-19 transfer program using Internet Explorer as their Web browser. Some of those individuals went on to report that they were able to submit or amend their applications when they instead switched to Google's Chrome web browser.

If you are having difficulty submitting or amending your application, please try accessing the database using a different browser, particularly Chrome.

You can access Chrome at

FEA has informed DoDEA of the difficulties these members have reported to us. DoDEA is looking into the issue but its Web developers have been unable thus far to identify what is causing the problems.

If the database will not ACCEPT your application, regardless which Web browser you use, please inform FEA¹s Connie Shanaghan immediately at

If your application has already been accepted but you are now having difficulty AMENDING your existing application, please wait and try again after you return from the upcoming winter break. If you still cannot amend your existing application at that time, contact Connie at

Remember, the deadline to submit your application for the SY 18-19 transfer program is this Friday, December 15. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will have until January 9 to amend your application prior to the start of the transfer round.

Answers to Additional Transfer Questions

posted December 11, 2017

FEA's Connie Shanaghan has posted some additional answers to common questions about the upcoming SY 18-19 transfer program, available here.

FEA's Tips for Transfers Now Available

Click here to access FEA Transfer Guru Connie Shanaghan's tips to help maximize your chances of getting the transfer you want in the SY 18-19 Transfer Program.

Access the online application for the SY 18-19 DODDS Transfer Program here.

Application deadline is 5pm EST on December 15, 2017.


posted December 13, 2017


If you've already submitted an application online, FEA urges you to revisit the application site and confirm that your application is in the system. Do so well before the December 15 deadline so you can resubmit your application, if necessary.


We have been alerted to various problems teachers are having when they attempt to apply to the transfer program. If you are unable to submit your application, please contact Connie Shanaghan immediately as the deadline is this Friday.

Nearly two weeks ago, FEA alerted its members to a problem with the online transfer database that was preventing applicants from changing to A+ from other transfer groups. If anyone is still unable to amend their application to Group A+, please notify Connie. Also, please be aware that when applicants upgrade from one transfer group to Group A+, their location and categories are deleted and will need to be reentered.


posted November 13, 2017

FEA and DoDEA management have finalized the details of the SY 18-19 transfer program. You can read the full MOU governing the upcoming transfer program here.


• The transfer program is budgeted at the same $4.5 million amount as last year's program. However, at last week's FEA Board of Directors meeting, DoDEA Director Tom Brady pledged to ensure that there will be no fewer transfers this year than were made last year, even if that means additional money must be added to the transfer budget. FEA is very appreciative of Mr. Brady's promise.

• Misawa, Japan, and Seville, Spain, have been moved from Group B to Group A.

• The following language has been added to the ONLINE APPLICATION:

"If successful in obtaining a transfer through the Worldwide Transfer Program, I agree to report to the new assignment prepared to perform at the full performance level for the teaching category/categories included in my application."

• Non-married same-sex domestic partners who reside in two-year areas can apply for joint consideration in the SY 18-19 transfer program. However, starting next year, all same sex domestic partners must be married to apply for joint consideration. (For more information on this, please see language at the bottom of page 9 of the Transfer Program MOU available here).

• There will be no VSIP or VERA offered this year.


December 15, 2017 -- deadline for educators to submit their initial transfer application

January 9, 2018 -- deadline for applicants to make amendments to their applications

January 11, 2018 -- start of the transfer round

You can find the online application to the transfer program at DoDEA's Human Resources page.

New applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after the December 15, 2017, deadline except from educators who are identified as excess subsequent to December 15, 2017. All applications must be electronically submitted. Please print a copy of your application and keep it for your records.

As always, FEA's resident transfer guru, Connie Shanaghan, will post her "Tips for Transfers", to help FEA members maximize their chances of getting the transfer they want. We will send out an additional notice when those Tips for Transfers have been posted to the FEA Web site.

Good luck to all who apply for a transfer this year!

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