Legal Services

Protecting your rights is one of the most important functions of FEA.

Our team of attorneys is always prepared to step in should you need assistance in your professional life.

Whether it's helping to restore your pay, litigating for a work benefit that was incorrectly denied to you, or standing besides you in the face of an unfair action by management, FEA's legal staff is there to safeguard your rights so that you can focus on your profession.

Please note:
The information contained on this website provides our members with the details of Association litigation, agreements and legal notices that may impact on their pay, conditions of employment and other issues. However, this information may be subject to change if the laws and/or regulations that concern DoDEA educators are changed or modified. If you have questions concerning eligibility, coverage or content of any of the information on this website, please consult with your faculty representative, or your Uniserv before acting on this information.