Response to Furlough Notices

From the May 21, 2013, FEA President's Report:

FURLOUGH NOTIFICATIONS. DoDEA has begun to serve nine-month employees with furlough notices. By law, bargaining unit members have 20 calendar days to respond to the notices. FEA has posted a form for DODDS employees to complete and return to their administrator upon receipt of the furlough notification. That response form can be found below. We advise ALL DODDS bargaining unit members to complete this response form and return it to their administrator within the 20-calendar-day window. DDESS bargaining unit members who receive furlough notices are advised to contact their Local Association President on how to proceed.

How and Where to Respond to Your Furlough Notification: The Notice of Proposed Furlough you received from DoDDS should contain a paragraph (typically near the end of the letter) saying something like "Your written reply should be mailed or delivered to the deciding official", then naming that official (it should be your District Superintendent or someone in the DSO) and providing contact info for that person. If you did not receive such contact info for your "deciding official" in the Notice of Proposed Furlough you received from DoDEA, please let FEA know.