FEA Passport

What is FEA Passport?

Your membership in FEA is your passport to the many services we provide specifically for our members. Inside you will find:
  • Updates from the FEA President and Area Directors
  • Copies of membership publications, such as the FEA Journal
  • Legal resources, such as contracts and copies of MOUs
  • Salary schedules for both DoDDS and DDESS
  • A directory of FEA officers, local leaders and staff
  • News and information on the biggest issues affecting FEA members
In order to access the information within the FEA Passport section, you must login when prompted to do so. All you will need is your Membership ID Number, which can be found on the FEA Membership Card sent to you, or on the address label of copies of the FEA Journal or NEA Today sent to you. You will also need to type in your last name exactly as it appears on that membership card or address label (case sensitive).

What if I'm a new member to FEA and don't have an ID number yet?

FEA wants our new members to gain access to the valuable information within the FEA Passport section as quickly as possible. We are working with NEA to develop an online registration process, but such a system is not yet available.

For now, we ask new members to do the following in order to gain the quickest possible access to FEA Passport information:

  • After turning in your completed membership form to your FRS or local leader, send us an Email message
  • Include in the Email your full name and the name of your school
  • Make the subject line of your Email New FEA Member
We will confirm your membership with your local leader as quickly as possible, then send your Membership ID Number to you so you can begin using the FEA Passport section.

Questions or comments about the login process, or any other part of this Web site? Please send them to us.