Inside FEA

The Federal Education Association (FEA) is a member-driven organization representing educators in the Department of Defense school system.

With its headquarters in Washington, DC, FEA is a global organization, representing over 6,000 educators in Europe, Asia, the United States and its territories.

FEA is a state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).

FEA is the worldwide advocate within the federal system for educators' rights and for quality education.

As an organization dedicated to quality education, FEA believes educators should act to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of educational programs within federal school systems. First, the attainment of the highest standards, benefits and working conditions is necessary to attract and retain highly competent professionals. Second, professional growth must be supported and nurtured. Third, educators must be empowered to make decisions regarding their professional lives. FEA is committed to the enforcement of the highest standards of equity and fairness.

FEA is further committed to these values within our organization. An effective and efficient flow of ideas and data is the means to develop the capacity to work cooperatively. Clearly defined roles and mutual responsibilities are a necessary pre-condition to that goal.