FEA Election Information

Election of FEA At-Large Officers during SY 18-19

Candidates Listed



(Names are listed below in alphabetical order, using the candidate's name as he/she wrote it on the Acceptance and Bio form).


Brian Chance - Kaiserslautern MS, Germany
Jane Loggins - Marshall ES, Ft. Campbell KY


James "Mike" Adair - Kinnick HS, Japan
William Buckley - Ramstein IS, Germany


Estell Darby - Yokosuka MS, Japan
Claudette Harris - Poole ES, Ft. Bragg NC
David Presley - Lucas ES, Ft. Campbell KY
Luis Manuel Rios - Quantico M/HS, Quantico VA
Alina Rozanski - Netzaberg MS, Germany


Anita Lang - Lakenheath HS, United Kingdom
Annitra Smith-Lincoln - Shughart MS, Ft. Bragg NC

During School Year 2018-2019, FEA members will elect the following officers to serve on the FEA Board of Directors:
  • President

  • Vice President

  • NEA Director for FEA

  • FEA Human & Civil Rights Coordinator

Election details can be found in the bulleted list at the bottom of this page.

Important Information

1. Candidates can use their PERSONAL e-mail to correspond with and send election forms to the FEA Nomination Chairperson. The FEA Election e-mail address is: Candidates may forward their nomination forms, Official Acceptance and Biographical Information/Mailing Label and Mail Restrictions Forms, and candidate picture to this e-mail address. It is the candidate's responsibility to confirm this information is received by the Nomination Chairperson.

2. Please pay close attention to all deadlines. The nomination form deadline is October 16, 2018; the Official Acceptance and Biographical Information form is due October 29, 2018; and the candidate photo deadline is November 19, 2018.

3. Candidates cannot use the FREE MPS to send out campaign literature. Candidates may use the MPS only if appropriate postage is placed on each individual piece of mail. For more information, please see section C.1. of the FEA Election Procedures (available from your FRS).

4. Candidates will be provided with two sets of membership labels and two sets of leadership labels to be used only to mail campaign literature to members/leaders.

5. Candidates who do not wish to use MPS (with appropriate postage) to mail their campaign literature may elect to use a mail house, selected by FEA's Washington office, to print and mail their campaign materials at their own expense. See section C.2 of the FEA Election Procedures for additional information.

6. Membership and leadership labels which are not used by the candidate must be returned to the FEA Washington office. Candidates may, at their option, decline one or more sets of labels by notifying the FEA Washington office in writing.

7. All candidates must sign a statement agreeing to use the labels provided by the FEA Washington office only for purposes of their own campaign. Please see Official Acceptance and Biographical Information/Mailing Labels and Mail Restrictions Form for more details.

Potential candidates for office and their supporters should read ALL information in links below to fully acquaint yourself with election requirements and procedures. (if you are unable to download or view the following PDF files, printed copies of these documents were mailed to your building rep/FRS or Stateside Local President in August 2018.)